Creator, adventurer, and breakthrough strategist dedicated to reconnecting you with your natural abilities to reach the success you’re meant for.





Innovative and tailored packages for organisations, teaching you and your team the fundamentals of creative success. Take your business from mediocre to next level rockin’ with emotional intelligence, creativity/intuition and advanced communication. Offering a roadmap to success with integrity that facilitates new ways of working, a free flow of ideas and focussed action to unlock your full business potential.


Workplace training that doesn’t suck.

The principles of creating can be applied to all aspects of business – be it creating an organisational vision, overcoming workforce challenges, or realigning business priorities and strategic plans.

When you stop focussing on how to do things and learn the art of mastering intuition to take focused and decisive action, sustainable organisational transformation takes place.

I offer a range of talks, workshops and trainings to accommodate where you’re at in your business – large or small, and teach you the tools and structures you need to reach new levels of synergy, engagement, and success.

You can either stay in the rat race with your competition or I can teach you to connect with the heart of your organisation. I can work with you to develop your team’s talents, to become more dynamic and charismatic and unlock the authentic creative abilities of your organisation.

Through approaching your business with this fresh and unique perspective, you are given greater choice and freedom leading to greater organisational success.


'It’s time to level up.'



Learn how to:

  • Harness the power of intuition to take decisive action

  • Apply the principles of creating to transform your organisation and reach new levels of success

  • Develop effective, creative and inspirational leaders

  • Work collaboratively and enhance working relationships

  • Build on organisational strengths and team talent

  • Diffuse any conflict


'Follow her leadership'

Kirsty is a leader. She is grounded and real and successful in the practical world, but combines that so beautifully with a loving, supportive and powerful intuitive ability - through which she guides and changes lives. A beautiful, gentle, loving authority. I am grateful for her support, and I would follow her leadership.


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One on one coaching empowers you to breakthrough the BS to greater levels of success. Engaging your natural abilities, imagination and creativity to align you with your true vision and purpose.


Open trainings, talks and workshops, teaching you the structure and tools to create life aligned with your fullest potential. Learn to master your monkey mind, explore the depths of who you are, and create what you love.