Creator, adventurer, and breakthrough strategist dedicated to reconnecting you with your natural abilities to reach the success you’re meant for.



One on one coaching empowers you to breakthrough the BS to greater levels of success. Engaging your natural abilities, imagination and creativity to align you with your true vision and purpose. This is not your standard run of the mill coaching, it enhances your abilities to take decisive action through teaching you the intuitive tools and techniques you need to create your ideal business, self, and life.


Why is this different to other coaching and personal development work?

All the courses and coaching programs that are out there only tell you half of the story. You get all jacked up on superficial motivation that all you have to do to succeed is set goals and work hard towards them, then all your dreams will come true. Wrong. What they don’t tell you is that when you go for what you’d love, it triggers your ego – those limiting beliefs that want you to stay in your comfort zone. You’ll never meet a greater opponent than your highest potential, because as you go for it, your greatest advisory is unleashed too.

I’ve got the plan that will empower you to breakthrough your current reality to create success aligned with your highest potential.


'Be the square peg in the round hole'



Learn how to:

  • Connect with your true purpose and authentic vision

  • Make powerful choices that support your vision

  • Master tension to create outside of your current circumstances

  • Heighten your self-awareness to overcome roadblocks

  • Strengthen and trust your intuition to take decisive action

  • Empower and inspire yourself and others

  • Connect deeply with yourself, others and the world

  • Improve your overall wellbeing


'Wild at heart and with an intuitive mind'

When someone is troubled by a chaos they cannot control and have a sudden urge to know which direction to take - they call upon Kirsty. Wild at heart and with an intuitive mind, Kirsty fearlessly tells you so many things you don’t know about yourself, even if she has just met you. What appears to be magic at first is later recognised as secret processes that Kirsty has spent many years learning. Amidst my own chaos, Kirsty exposed my blindspots with immense confidence. Despite my reluctance, she helped me take a hard look at things that I’m ashamed about without which I would not have found breakthroughs in my views on finances, family and ways in which I withheld my potential. In our first meeting, she spoke about the Enneagram and told me that I am a Perfectionist. I may be a perfectionist, but that is not how I feel around Kirsty, I feel real. 

Dr Kaushik Ram
Author, Neuroscientist, and Founder of the Institute for Implicit Intelligence


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Innovative and tailored packages for organisations, teaching you and your team the fundamentals of creative success. Take your business from mediocre to next level rockin’ with emotional intelligence, creativity/intuition and advanced communication.


Open trainings, talks and workshops, teaching you the structure and tools to create life aligned with your fullest potential. Learn to master your monkey mind, explore the depths of who you are, and create what you love.