My best advice for living a life you love

We make choices, often out of fear, so when we allow ourselves to connect with our higher selves, our inner truth and wisdom, it allows us to shift our focus to what we’d love rather than what we’d love to run away from.

Often this wisdom doesn’t make sense to the logical mind, which wants to keep us safe, or in other words keep us small and boxed within our self-limiting beliefs, our comfort zone. But the heart is infinitely more intelligent than the mind. When we listen to it and follow our intuition, we are never led astray. The trick is having the courage to follow through on what our intuition is alerting us to, without judgement, without putting the power in external conditions we believe need to exist in order for us to have what we want. Us humans, we have a tendency to believe that the power is outside of ourselves and we look for excuses or other things to blame for why we aren’t following our dreams or getting what we most want in life.

Do any of these sound familiar “I don’t have enough…fill in the blank (time, money, intelligence)”; “I would do it but I’m not…fill in the blank (creative, attractive, funny) enough”; “I need to do abcdefg…before I could do that thing I truly desire.” Our minds are so clever at convincing us that we can’t have what we want, but I’m here to call “HORSESHIT”!

The power IS inside of us, it always has been. We are just too disconnected from ourselves to see it. We let fear win over love and we convince ourselves that what we truly want is not possible. We have bought into our learnt behaviours and limitations, being fed ideas of what success looks like – a high paying job, owning a house, marriage, kids. Now don’t get me wrong, this is success for some people, but what about that burning desire inside of us for something more, a dream that has not been recognised. What happened to the child-like innocence we had? The dreams of becoming an astronaut, a pilot, a dancer or I dunno, a country music singer?  Our inner spirit, our imagination, our ability to freely express ourselves without fear of judgement, without fear of failure?

It’s time now, more than ever, to reconnect with who we truly are, that higher part of ourselves that wants to live a full and vibrant life, where we take risks, we fall down, we get back up, and we try again. There’s so much truth in the saying “the magic happens outside of our comfort zone”, so here is my challenge:


Tune into those innermost desires, the forgotten dreams and take action towards living an amazing, purpose driven life. It’s not going to be an easy ride, there will be a fair share of shit sandwiches to eat along the way, but we need to ask ourselves what is it that we are willing to struggle for? What is that one thing or maybe it’s many things, that we are willing to make sacrifices for? Lose sleep over? That we want to bring into the world despite the haters? What is going to create meaning?

Easy is comfortable. Easy is boring. Easy is soul destroying. When we have the courage to follow our truth life becomes magical. It’s one of the bravest moves we can make, and the most rewarding.

Kirsty Carr