Creator, adventurer, and breakthrough strategist dedicated to reconnecting you with your natural abilities to reach the success you’re meant for.





Open trainings, talks and workshops, teaching you the structure and tools to create life aligned with your fullest potential. Learn to master your monkey mind, explore the depths of who you are, and create what you love. Each event connects you more strongly with your greatness while shining light on how you limit your current success and what action you can take to get back on path.


Are you ready to level up all areas of your life and business?

To step into new levels of creativity, fulfilment and meaning?

My trainings and workshops offer you the tools and techniques to enhance your life and business beyond measure, all the while raising your awareness and taking your intuition to next level powerful.

The half day training and two day workshops I facilitate give you the opportunity to transform your life. They give you greater choice by connecting you with your purpose and helping your see how you limit your success and full potential. They teach you the powerful structure of creating that empowers you to bridge the gap of where you currently are to where you want to be.

You are capable of far greater than you currently imagine and my events gear you up to master this human journey – to create a dynamic, free and abundant life for yourself.


'It's not about knowing more, it's about trusting your natural abilities'



Learn how to:

  • Come back to yourself and reconnect with your purpose

  • Create everything you’d love

  • Identify and see through your limiting beliefs

  • Trust and master your intuition to make the right choices that support your success

  • Get out of the rat race and take the power out of any problem

  • Identify and apply your creative abilities to your life and business to reach new levels of success and fulfilment



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'She empowers me'

Kirsty’s guidance has been essential to my success as an entrepreneur. Her ability to cut through the noise and get straight to the core of my problems has revolutionised the way in which I make crucial business decisions. She has given me the confidence and know-how needed to master all aspects of my business - including marketing, advertising, and sales, which I never thought was my forte. She empowers me to reach for and attain levels of success I never thought possible. I am deeply grateful for having met her and would not do business without her expertise.


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One on one coaching empowers you to breakthrough the BS to greater levels of success. Engaging your natural abilities, imagination and creativity to align you with your true vision and purpose.


Innovative and tailored packages for organisations, teaching you and your team the fundamentals of creative success. Take your business from mediocre to next level rockin’ with emotional intelligence, creativity/intuition and advanced communication.